About Me

I am a digital artist and animator that has been drawing ever since I can remember. Art has always been my passion and my lifeblood, so when life came upon hard times it would be the thing I would turn to for comfort and purpose. I've always found an immense joy in creating something with my own hands, and being able to share my creations with others and push my limits to build my skills is the drive that keeps my passion burning and pushes me forward to improve. Someday I hope to create something that inspires people the way art inspires me, something that will give them the save drive to grow and be passionate about something. 

Some of the great inspirations throughout my life were the series Avatar: The Last Airbender, HTTYD, classic Disney and Pixar films, and a number of games like Overwatch and Pokémon. The art and storytelling in all these medias created my art style today and taught me how to look at art in a more meaningful way, to look at how everything worked together to create some reaction or emotion within us. I would pay attention to the colors lighting in certain scenes and how it would affect me even the angles and subtle soundtracks in the background would be crafted with great detail in order to make you feel something. So, I was inspired to do something similar with my own art I want to make people feel something and make something that others will remember. 

Currently I am working on a series of my own, already it's received so much love from friends and readers which I am very thankful for and someday I'm hoping to make it into an animated series of it's own.