Webtoon: Guardians Reborn

Guardians Reborn is a story that I've been creating since my early years in Highschool. It's an action/adventure series that follows the heroine, Erin, on a quest to save her world along with some friends she makes along the way. Growing up I was heavily inspired by series like Avatar: The Last Airbender and HTTYD and I wanted to create a story of my one that could inspire others with the same sense of wonder, freedom, and magic. 

The end goal for Guardians Reborn is to someday turn it into an animated series, but for now the story can be read on Webtoon. It currently has over 3000 readers and is growing quickly, some fans have even been kind enough to send me fan art of the series and send kind messages of encouragement. I'm blessed to have made it this far and will continue to pour my heart into this story that I love! 

Click the link below to read Guardians Reborn!

Anthology: After the End

After the End was a post apocalyptical, grey scale themed anthology that I had the pleasure to work on with my friend Winiberto Garcia. Garcia was the writer of the short story as well the storyboard artist, and I worked as the character designer and final illustrator. Here, I've just put a few pages of the final project which ended up being 12 pages in total and told the story of a woman by the name of North whose sole purpose was to transport the last plant on earth to the hemisphere. 

The vast snowy landscapes and limited color palette were a fun challenge for myself and pushed me to make the compositions more interesting for the viewers. The action scenes were especially fun and I got to play around with different shades to create depth and focus on perspective shots. Since we were not the only story in the anthology it was also great to work alongside all of the other artists and be inspired by their techniques and stories.

Click the link below to see the project!

Music Videos 

I've created a number of visuals for the music artist Talyana you can see more of her work on her youtube channel!